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Two days, one bad game
12/01/2017 12:07 AM ET

Losing can be an ugly thing and over two days it just looked ugly. Canberra cruised to an 18-3 win after leading 4-2 after four innings. Not a lot went right for the Adelaide Bite, proudly presented by SA Power Networks, but at least one thing did - Chang Tai-Shan.

The Taiwanese veteran has been impressive and he was the best in a game with very few highlights for the home side.

Baseball Bad Luck

Is it bad luck or struggling to convert? After the game was suspended Adelaide came back with runners on the corners and just one out. In the fifth the bases were loaded for the Bite with no outs. Both times no runs were scored and after catching all the momentum in the fourth last night it was a huge blow.

On the other side, Canberra hit into the gap and managed to secure the bases they need to add a couple of early runs. The Bite can be blamed for not converting their own chances but sometimes it just feels like bad luck when other teams can hit and score with ease and it all looks tough for your own team. This will cause plenty of frustration for Chris Adamson who just cannot find the right make-up for his team, whether it's in the bottom order hitters or pinch-hitters. 

For a team that can create positive situations, Adelaide just as easily lets them slip away.

Tarzan in top form

Hitting .273 for the season, Chang Tai-Shan has brought the consistency we expected and while he hasn't had the home runs he continues to make an impact. He was 2-for-2 with two RBIs and made the most of every opportunity. At 41 he continues to play at a high standard and there's a lot to love about the Taiwanese star.

Off the field he's also bringing in the fans and every time he gets a hit the crowd goes wild, and his highlights go far and wide. If he keeps improving and adjusting to the conditions then we will definitely see Tarzan homers in no time.

A late shout out to Dylan Ridding is also deserved with the development player recording a ninth inning RBI single to bring home Adelaide's third run. It was a pressure moment with two outs and while it had no impact on the result it was a critical moment for his first ABL RBI. 

Walking away from success

Last season saw Adelaide allow an equal league best of just 119 walks, the same as Melbourne. So far a similar number seems likely which is a positive, yet the walks have been far more influential this time round. Whether it's in a loaded bases situation, or loading the bases, Bite pitchers have been unable to keep walks down at key times. 

By putting extra pressure on the defence and scoreboard there is little fielders can do when bases are given away. Through the first six innings Adelaide gave up six walks and each pitcher was to blame at times. For all it's worth, Canberra also leaked easy bases but the major difference was they could capitalise and score while Adelaide was left stranded and out of action.

When a team is also hitting with ease it's painful to watch and despite debuts to Tim Day and 16-year-old Will Kortekaas, there was no balance from the bullpen with Ryan Duncan also struggling - although he gave up no walks, just three runs on four hits.

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