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Bite fall short in nervy shutout loss
11/25/2017 9:04 PM ET

Moments of brilliance nearly saw the Adelaide Bite, proudly presented by SA Power Networks, snatch the win after Melbourne jumped out to an early lead, but ultimately the score stayed 1-0. 

Now, Adelaide has three days to focus ahead of a homestand against Canberra from Thursday-Friday, but here's three takeaways from the Sunday defeat.

Here's our three takeaways.

Far out, striking out

Strikeouts always suck, and so far they've killed off a lot of momentum for Adelaide. Luckily the Aces are also one of the teams which have striked out the most so far, but if there will be any genuine Championship aspirations those K's need to lessen. Isaias Quiroz has struggled the most with 12 so far while Darius Day and Karl Hoschke have also been luckless.

No doubt Chris Adamson will be working with his players to make adjustments but a quick change will truly get the Bite back on track - and some extra confidence and momentum with the hitters who need to find form. It's especially important for players such as Quiroz, Day, McArdle and O'Gorman who are all hitting under .200. In a change of pace, Quiroz had two hits to break a slump while Day and McArdle also chimed in.

Mosel Magic

After making one start last season, Greg Mosel has two this time round and has already struck out 11 hitters in 11 innings. While he picked up the loss in Round 1 he has arguably been the best Bite pitcher so far with just four runs to his name. Today against Melbourne saw him give up just three hits and a run while striking out six - including Delmon Young.

Against Young it has been an admirable series despite his home runs as he'll head back to Melbourne hitting under .200. If Mosel continues to pitch well against world class talent he could be a surprise bolter for All-Star considerations. Nick Hutchings and Matt Williams backed up the starter with three hitless innings also, exactly what the Bite needed.

Heartbreaking season ahead?

After Saturday's 6-2 win a 1-0 loss is heartbreaking. Quiroz's return to form was a much needed boost while Bite pitching was great for much of the weekend. It is another close loss, though, and if Adamson thought Adelaide could have been 3-1 after Sydney, there would be a feeling that a 6-2 record now was not too far out of reach.

A homestand next week against Canberra provides an opportunity to further build confidence at home and while the Cavalry are on a roll, this Bite side has come a long way in a week. Capitalising on chances will make a huge difference. A long season potentially lies ahead, however, with a saving grace that fourth place is a playoff position.

Regardless, Adelaide has bounced back from poor starts before and with 32 games to go a 1-7 record could easily turn into great run of form.

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