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Bite debutants highlight lacklustre outing
11/24/2017 4:35 AM ET

The challenging start has continued for the Adelaide Bite, proudly presented by SA Power Networks, with the Melbourne Aces winning 6-0 to send the Bite to 0-6.

With the highlights few and far between tonight here's a snapshot of what went right, and wrong.

Career best haul for O'Loughlin

With eight strikeouts, 17-year-old Jack O'Loughlin bested his career best haul of six from last season. His arm got a work out with 101 pitches in 4 1/3 innings while picking up some key scalps in Delmon Young, Allan de San Miguel and Tomoya Mori. The Aces made him pay on some pitches with Young also clubbing the youngster for a home run, but it was an impressive outing otherwise.

Even with a 5.79 ERA the young gun is doing all the right things and if he continues to hone his craft and pound the strikezone that ERA will drop and the wins will rise.

Still hunting for consistency

It won't happen overnight but Adelaide is still trying to find consistent baseball - offensively and defensively. The top four in Darius Day, Rodrigo Ayarza, Stephen Lohr and Angus Roeger all collected hits but below them it was again a mess of strikeouts and missed opportunities. After Thursday night showcased the absolute best with hits all over the park it was a frustrating turnaround - with Adamson well aware of how much pressure and frustration is around his side. 

Speaking after the game, Roeger said the side is battling to find form.

"We need to do a bit of soul searching. All the guys have been up and about but when you're consistently battling every night and getting the same result, whether it be by one run or six, it's always tough," Roeger said.

"To come out the next day and do the same thing and stay positive is really important. It's just tough down where we are but it just takes one game to turn it all around."

Adamson gives debutants a go

After Curtis Mead made his pinch-running debut last night, Dylan Ridding stepped up to right field in the seventh while Tyson McKee releived Wilson Lee in the same inning to pitch. With the Bite trailing 6-0 it was a baptism of fire, however sometimes it's the best way to bring the best out of a player.

Sixteen-year-old McKee started with a bang, with two strikes in a row, before Liam Bedford flew out to Ridding - a nice way for the two to combine on debut. He then snagged his first strikeout while Ridding made another catch for a clean eighth inning. Mason Clavell also stepped up in the eighth as Adamson brought all the kids out, and Clavell nearly made an instant impact with a hard hit flyout to right field while Curtis Mead had his first at-bat and ground out. 

Ryan Duncan, a 22-year-old Queenslander, also stepped up for his Bite debut in relief and faced Delmon Young straight up - with the ex-MLB player caught in foul territory.

The experienced Roeger said their call ups are a chance for players to shine in a line-up needing consistency.

"I've been on that same spectrum where you're down by a lot and get that opportunity," Roeger said.

"Case and point - Jackson Brebner-Russ. He came out and punched out three dudes and was then the first out of the 'pen tonight. Whether you're 15 or 21 you're going to get your opportunities and it's all about progression. It's not a warning to guys, just guys getting down, but we're only six games in so we need to be positive."

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