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Diamonds set to sparkle
09/19/2012 6:26 PM ET

LAVERTON - Get around the Jet Couriers Melbourne Aces this season as the Diamond Aces Cheerleaders presented by Fabulous Catering will be back for the 2012-13 campaign.

The Diamonds shot to prominence in their debut season with appearances at several Aces home and away games, functions, and promotional events, as well as in print and broadcast media.

The Diamonds were also a hit with the fans, posing for dozens of photographs on game-days and participating in on-field activities. Diamonds head coach, Susan Cheo, said it was exciting to be back for a second season in the Australian Baseball League. "The girls will be working hard on more fun and energetic dances, stunts and tumbling to show off to all our fans at the new ballpark in Laverton. It's going to be a great summer!"

Cheo also thanked Diamonds' major sponsor, Fabulous Catering, for its continued support of the group. Fabulous Catering special events/marketing coordinator, Ryan Sinclair, said he was looking forward to seeing what the Diamonds had been working on during the off-season. "The Diamonds are very keen to step their game up again, they believe they can go bigger and better, and we'll support them."

Sinclair said the growth in Melbourne's western fringe and the development of baseball was critical to the national catering company signing on for a second season.

"We just want to see baseball and the fan base for the Diamonds grow," he said. "The response was overwhelming (last season) so it was a bit of a no-brainer to support the Diamonds again. The product (baseball) is good enough to pull a crowd, so no matter where you put the ground, it will work."

Have you got what it takes to be a Diamond Aces Cheerleader?

OPEN AUDITIONS on Saturday, 6 October at 3 PM, at Royal All Stars Cheerleading Academy in Narre Warren.

Contact Susan Cheo on 0434 514 683 or for information and audition applications.

Meet the Diamonds

Name: Susan
What I do?: Diamond Aces Cheerleaders Head Coach
Favourite player: Kevin Reese
I like baseball because: It reminds me of being back home!
Quirky fact: I have lived in three different countries
How I got into cheerleading: I first started cheerleading for my high school football team in Vancouver, Canada
Name: Amy
What I do?: Choreographer
Favourite player: Adam Blackley
Quirky fact: Has been hired as a mascot on random occasions, has played basketball in a Hamburglar mascot costume, and has also been an Easter Bunny, Taz and Marvin The Martian!
How I got into cheerleading: Through university after dancing for 18 years!
Name: LJ
What I do?: Side base, back base
Favourite player: Dominic Ramos
I like baseball because: I'm a true American at heart and love the atmosphere baseball brings to life!
Quirky fact: I completed Captain America's heavenly burger challenge -- 1 kilo burger with the lot and 300 grams of fries in under 50 mins!! My name is also on the honour board at the restaurant in Ferntree Gully woooooo!
Name: Indi
What I do?: Flyer, stunts
Favourite player: Justin Huber
I like baseball because: I grew up with it! I watched the early ABL (until the Bushrangers disbanded) and my big brother and I would play until I was old enough to play for the Weston Creek Indians in Canberra. I'm also an epic Yankees fan and an even bigger Jeter fan!
Quirky fact: I'm a flower child. When I'm not dancing, studying or doing yoga you can find me hanging out barefoot with my dogs playing ukulele.
How I got into cheerleading: I'm a cheerleader for my uni (La Trobe University) and I got into cheering for the Melbourne Aces so I can spend my summer in the sun, dancing with the beautiful Aces girls and watching my favourite sport.
Name: Bethie
What I do?: Back base
Favourite player: Dom Ramos -- he does the cutest booty wiggle before he sets up to bat!
I like baseball because: I wish I was American
Quirky fact: I am a crime fighter by day and a cheerleader by night. Oh, and porcupines float in water.
How I got into cheerleading: Who doesn't want to be a cheerleader?!
Name: Kayti
What I do?: Tumbler (flips)
Favourite player: Adam Silva
I like baseball because: It's such an interesting sport and the crowds are loads of fun!
How I got into cheerleading: I started when I was 12 years old when mum found an ad in the local newspaper. Best thing I've ever done and just can't get enough of it! Definitely my passion.
Name: Elise
What I do?: The Blonde Flyer
Favourite player: Travis Blackley
I like baseball because: It's so American! It's like a novelty here in Aus and there is always such a great atmosphere at the games amongst the crowd!
Quirky fact: I am terrified of cats! shhhh
How I got into cheerleading: I have always been a dancer, but after watching movies like Bring It On, who wouldn't want to be a cheerleader! The other girls are amazing; we had a lot of fun last season and can't wait to show off what we've got in store for this summer!

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