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Bandits Abroad - Justin Erasmus
We catch up with Justin Erasmus who is currently playing in Germany
06/26/2019 7:49 PM ET

As the Brisbane Bandits continue to prepare for the 2019/20 ABL Season some of our bandits are hard at work playing all over the globe.

Today we catch up with Justin Erasmus to discuss the differences between playing in Australia and Germany and how his time abroad has been.

Justing Erasmus plays alongside Bandits teammate Andrew Campbell for Heidenheim Heidekopfe in Bundesliga (Germany).

Q. How has your time in Germany been this season?

A. Playing in the Bundesliga has been great this year. The season is shortened because of the European championship so there have been midweek games which makes the time fly by.

Q. As this isn't your first time playing in Germany what new things are you experiencing in Bundesliga?

A. There is nothing really new except I'm playing with Andrew Campbell and playing against Sam Holland and Mitch Nilsson. Our team is different and going to the European cup this year was a great experience to play against other teams in other leagues and see their talent level and how they play.



Q. How does playing in Germany compare to the ABL? What do you believe are its strengths and how has the German league grown since you started playing there?

A. The comparison is hard to explain. Germany plays 2 games a week and only allowed to have 2 imports on the field. In the first game, you're only allowed to have European passport pitchers and then in the second game, you're only allowed to have 1 non-European pitcher throw. The import rules are different and they only play 2 games a week so that's different and that's why the level isn't as high as ABL. Travel wise we have team vans that we drive to the games anywhere from 2-6 hours. The German players are always competitive and wanting to win so the games are pretty intense.

Q. What excites you for the upcoming ABL Season?

A. I'm excited about is getting back around the team and starting the season again. We have continued to build over the years we have won championships and I don't expect anything different this year. Each year has its challenges and variables, yet the biggest constant playing for the Bandits is the level of excellence we hold our selves to, week in week out.

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