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Brisbane Bandits Celebrates Dads, Old and New
As we approach Father's Day, the Brisbane Bandits would like to celebrate all the dads within the organisation and extend a special congratulations to Andrew 'Soupy' Campbell and Wade Dutton on becoming fathers this year!
09/01/2018 4:23 AM ET

As we approach Father's Day, the Brisbane Bandits would like to celebrate all the dads within the organisation and extend a special congratulations to Andrew 'Soupy' Campbell and Wade Dutton on becoming fathers this year!


Campbell and his partner, Stef welcomed baby girl, Ivy Campbell on the 23rd, March 2018. Dutton and partner, Lisa welcomed their daughter, Bonnie Dutton into their family on 29/05/2018, 2018.


Outfielder, Andrew Campbell says that the drive fatherhood has given him is second to none, "If anything having a daughter gives me more drive than ever. If I play well and keep myself in the ABL for years to come, that means she gets to grow up and see the country and the world with my partner, Stef and I. How good is that?"


Campbell reveals that the birth of his daughter, Ivy has brought new perspective towards his preparation for the upcoming ABL season, "I'm tired (laughs) the freedom to prepare for baseball like I used to is non-existent now, and I've had to move my trainings to 4am before work. But it's all worth it now because I get to see my little girl Ivy every day."


When asked if he hopes his daughter follows in his footsteps with baseball he replied, "If she's around the field as much as I was as a kid I'm sure she will naturally take a liking to baseball. But I'll try my best to put a golf club or a tennis racquet in her hand once she starts walking."

Wade Dutton disclosed, "Having a little one has blown my mind. I never knew I could love someone so much. I thought I had a fair idea of what I was in for, but that's an understatement. It is the best thing ever seeing Bonnie every day, giggling and smiling at me (even when she is throwing up on her mum). We definitely have some great times ahead. Our routine has definitely changed, but for the better. Don't get me wrong, we have some long nights, but it's all worth it. Everything revolves around Bonnie, everything we do now is for her and we love it. It also takes me longer to leave the house every day. Every time she smiles at me, it a good feeling."

Dutton revealed that the athletic gene has definitely been passed onto his daughter, "The way she is going now, my bets are on her being a kick boxer. She has hit me with a few left hooks. We will definitely be putting her in some sort of sport. It's good for developing hand eye co-ordination and team mentality. It's also fun for kids to play sport."

Campbell and Dutton are itching to get out on the field for the ABL season and both commented on how excited they are to have their Bandits families there to support them with this new change of life. Campbell remarked, "I'm pacing around the house! For some reason I'm more excited for this season than ever. Perhaps it's the fact that I get to see my 'family' again and do what we do best. The boys are back and we have more drive than ever. I cannot wait!" Dutton added, "I can't wait for this season. It's a good time to be in Brisbane, to be a Bandit. The last few years have been fun and it's going to continue. The boys, the vibe and the culture at the club is spot on. Get excited Brisbane."


Both players took the time to reflect on what fatherhood means to them by opening up about their own relationships with their fathers.


Wade Dutton remains grateful throughout the years for having an ever-growing connection with his dad, Peter Dutton, "The old man means a lot to me and Bonnie. He has always been there, through thick or thin. If I ever need advice, a beer or a good tip on the horses, I can count on him. He has played a big part in my success with baseball. He has pretty much taught me everything I know. And, of late he is the baby whisper when it comes to Bonnie. She loves her Pop, we both do. Thanks for always being there Dad, love ya mate."


Andrew Campbell reveals how thrilled he is to have one more thing in common with his dad, who remains his biggest inspiration in his life both on and off the field, "Dad has been the biggest influence in my life. He's the one who taught me to be accountable for your actions and that quitting when you're down is not an option. As his mates from the 80s will agree - 'Roachy' lives by the motto of 'respect everyone, but don't cop any crap', and I believe he's installed this into me. All my achievements are as much Dads ( and mums ) as they are mine, because without those two in my life, I wouldn't be where I am today. He loves the game, and he loves the Bandits. I hope he has a cracking Father's Day!"


We hope that all fathers in the Bandit's community have a fantastic day and are celebrated for the all inspiration, love and support they bring to our world! Happy Father's Day!

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