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Welcome to the team Grundfos
12/07/2017 3:28 AM ET

As the sport of baseball continues to grow in popularity in Melbourne, more companies are beginning to offer their support in the development of our team and our game. Today, the Melbourne Aces are proud to announce their partnership with Grundfos Pumps PTY LTD for the 2017/2018 ABL season. 
Grundfos Pumps PTY LTD is working to become one of the global leaders not only in advanced pump solutions but also in revolutionizing water technology. Since 1980, Grundfos Pumps have been providing sustainable, innovative pumping solutions to customers throughout the country.
Despite the tireless work they provide throughout the entire country (and since 1996 in New Zealand) Grundfos Pumps still emphasizes the importance of community relationships. Having witnessed what, the experience is like at a Melbourne Aces game, James Grego, area sales manager, knew how beneficial it would be to work in conjunction with the Aces throughout the year.
Upon being asked what intrigued Grundfos Pumps and their new partnership, Grego said, "the attraction was the up close and personal nature the Aces provide to our staff and customers coupled with a great up close and personal experience of the game being played right in front of you."
The Aces and their entire staff will proudly work together with Grundfos to strengthen Melbourne's grass-roots development of young baseball players and hopes to lay the foundation of the next great wave of Melbourne baseball players. 
Be on the lookout for continued accomplishments of Grundfos Pumps throughout the news, and for those interested in more information about the company, visit their page by clicking here.
All season long, the Aces will celebrate their partnerships with a diverse group of organizations that are proud to support baseball locally here in Melbourne.


This story was not subject to the approval of the Australian Baseball League or its clubs.