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Bite hit hard but Cavs take the win
12/01/2017 3:15 AM ET
Greg Mosel impressed with another strong outing in Adelaide's ninth loss of the season.
Greg Mosel impressed with another strong outing in Adelaide's ninth loss of the season. (Ryan Schembri/SMP Images/ABL Media)

Yet again it feels like a case of so close, but so far, for the Adelaide Bite, proudly presented by SA Power Networks. In a 5-2 loss an early 2-1 lead had the Bite on track before the Canberra Cavalry fought back to take a 2-0 series lead.

Here's three takeaways.

The team needs confidence

Stephen Lohr's two-run homer in the first inning was a perfect example of what the team can do. It was one hit which bounced off the top of the fence and was what the team needed in the first inning. It gave the Bite a 2-1 lead. While Canberra jumped back into the lead quickly there was confident fielding with Cresswell at short stop and Cakebread second.

With players working together and feeding off hits also, it was a contrast to the earlier loss. Communication was also a plus with players talking and ensuring there would be no mix-ups or mistakes.

Much like the 6-0 defeat to Melbourne, it seems the team responds well from bad losses. That's no reason to lose, but there must be something in their urging them to fight. If that fight stays for every game the wins will come more regularly.

Shuffle, shuffle - finding the right balance

Adamson's fielding change was a change which brought more stability to the infield. A combination of Ayarza at third and Lohr first was also a treat, although Ayarza found it difficult at times with his range to first. Cresswell and Cakebread proved the perfect balance of experience, while Bas Nooij was outstanding behind the plate. With the latter three all 30 or over it's a sign that while this side is young, those old heads are still making the next generation work hard.

As Adamson brings in some new players he ensures everyone has to fight for their spot on the team and there will be no allowance for failure. The biggest challenge he faces is the gap between good and bad which even makes a difference with a 5-2 defeat and an 18-3 loss. For Saturday will we see more changes in two seven inning games and perhaps another chance for Adamson to utilise tonight's set-up, or something different.

Mosel Magic (Part 2)

His record reads 0-3 but Greg Mosel continues to be one of the bright spots for Adelaide. The 25-year-old has been consistent throughout his three starts and in many ways unlucky to give up losses. 

"It's just easy to pitch when you've got such good defence behind you," Mosel said.

"Some of the plays tonight were unreal; the guys just helped me out. I wasn't at my best tonight but they knew it and helped me out and I enjoy it. It's good to be out here with these guys.

Tonight he pitched eight hits, three runs and one strikeout in 6 2/3 innings and with a 3.18 ERA there is a lot to love. With the Bite losing many close games, starting pitchers are goign to take the brunt of the losing despite 2-3 run margins, which for an opposing starter might mean a win.

"Baseball's a very fickle mistress. It's very up and down and I think we'll find our way," Mosel said.

"We've had some tough innings go against us and that first game was one we don't want to remember but it will help us in the long run to know we don't want to do that again."

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