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They said what?! Taiwanese media reacts to Chang Tai-Shan signing
08/29/2017 2:04 AM ET
Chang Tai-Shan slides home at the 2007 Baseball World Cup for Taiwan.
Chang Tai-Shan slides home at the 2007 Baseball World Cup for Taiwan. (Sam Yeh/Getty Images)

Yesterday the Adelaide Bite, proudly presented by SA Power Networks, announced that Taiwanese slugger Tai-Shan Chang would be joining the club for the 2017/18 season.

And already it's been a lot of fun...

First off, we've learned the man's nickname is "Tarzan" or the "Prince of the Jungle". We've also learned that the Taiwanese media likes to call us the "Shark Squad" or the "Adelaide Shark Team"...which we sort of love. 

We were warned that this deal would be greeted with affection for the Prince of the Jungle and those who warned us were not wrong. In fact, the Bite are heading to Taiwan for a major September 13 press conference with Tarzan himself.

Here's a look at some of the media, articles and what journalists are saying about our new acquisition! Looks like summer will be a lot of fun for the "Shark Squad"....

We apologise for the bad translations, although we love our new name, the Adelaide Shark Team! Check out some of these amazing translations below....

HEADLINE: Former Chinese player join Adelaide Shark Team 
From: FTV News, with TV Report

Australian bosses Adelaide Shark Team announced the signing of the former star Zhang Taishan, the Australian local media reports, with Wang Zhang Taishan joining the Shark Team this year (2017). The opportunity is very big.

Zhang Taishan is currently the guest hitting coach with Taiwan's youth team off in Canada preparing for September 2 to play U18 World Cup baseball game. The Australian Sharks said the 40 year old is an addition to enhance the combat power but also the team brings more business opportunities. 


HEADLINE: Forest Prince gets Australian Job! Taishan fights for 300 booms! 
From: NOW News

Zhang Taishan, recently signed with the Australian Adelaide Shark team signe a contracted in order to fight career 300 boom record. Today the Shark Team put photos on the facebook. 

40-year-old Taishan career accumulated 289 booms, plus in Japan alone has accumulated 292 boom. He need to knock out 8 rounds of home run booms to be able to meet. 

Macao office is also very optimistic about the effect of Zhang Taishan, hope he can drive the attention of Taiwan and Asian fans, the future also hope that Taiwan TV can broadcast the Australian career.


HEADLINE: To the Southern Hemisphere with the Shark! Zhang Taishan baseball enthusiasm has not extinguished!

Today, Adelaide Sharks announced the signing of Taiwan veteran star "Forest Prince" Zhang Taishan. "Said Zhang Taishan, a superstar in Asia," he said, adding that Zhang Taishan is a 40-year-old player who will help bring the team a stimulus.


HEADLINE: Baseball: Zhang Taishan to Australia to play! Heart that a fire has not destroyed...
from LTN Sports

Chang Taishan today with the U18 World Cup Taiwan team left for Canada. He said before boarding that he will go to Australia to play, because "the heart of the fire is not out!"

Although 40 years old, Chang pointed out that the process of joining the Adelaide Bite and his motivation is very simple: the hearts of that fire has not destroyed (the fire in my heart is not destroyed)!


HEADLINE: 40 Year Old Baseball Career Continued in Australia

Chang Taishan decided to join the Australian staff Adelaide Shark team, will be the end of the year to Australia to start Macao career.

Chang to visit the Chinese youth stickers coach coach, flew to Canada to participate in the September 1 debut of the U18 World Cup baseball game, before he left Said: "When I come back will strengthen the training intensity, ready to play the Australian club match." Tone sounds quite looking forward to continuing career in Australia career.


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