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Sven takes part in "Race on Rollers"
01/16/2017 8:23 PM ET
 (Caitlyn Grant)

Sven Schueller participated in Wheelchair Sports NSW event "Race on Rollers". The event was to raise awareness for the Twilight Track Meet as part of the Down Under Series.

Schueller had the task of being in a stationary race chair and seeing what distance he can make within a 60 second time frame. On his first try he made 260m within the 60 seconds. His opponent Louise Stephenson from the Greater Western Sydney Giants made a second attempt and beat Schueller's leading score, pulling out his competitive streak. In his second attempt Sven pushed the limit and hit the 300m mark in 60 seconds, beating the record previously set by former NRL player Beau Ryan.

Along with the Mayor of Blacktown Stephen Bali, the crowd that attended also had the opportunity to play a game of wheelchair basketball, allowing them to experience what it's like for a wheelchair athlete.

Reflecting on the opportunity to be a part of the event Schueller stated.

"I really appreciated the opportunity to have a first-hand experience with wheelchair sports. It was fun and a great way to get into contact with the wheelchair racing sport".

The Twilight Track Meet is at Blacktown International Sportspark Athletics Centre on Tuesday 24 January at 5:00pm, it will include wheelchair athletes at high class standard from across the globe.  

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