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Oldies, goodies, newbies and more
A modern minimalistic marsupial take on some baseball
12/14/2016 12:01 AM ET

About the author: Perched in a tree nibbling on who-knows-what that it found who-knows-where, the Ballpark Possum is the Australian Baseball League's newest colour correspondent. Likes: knee-buckling curveballs, bat flips and sacrifice bunts. Dislikes: intentional walks, short porches and backwards K's.

Come my fellow ABL fans, come gather 'round and I'll tell you a story that starts with a stitch - 108 of them to be exact. Let's go!

Who do we like listening to more, Chris Coleman or Jeremy Guthrie? 

No lies, after last week's Guthriepalooza we're very thrilled he's coming to Melbourne, not just because he PITCHED IN THE WORLD SERIES but because he seems like a genuinely interesting person. Put Jeremy Guthrie and Chris Coleman on the phone together, and you've got an interview made in global baseball heaven. Guthrie even pronounced "Melbourne" correctly in an American accent! Listen to the full Strike Zone Australia podcast, including the Guthrie interview, here.

Hughesy never loses it

Two ABL veterans and former members of the Minnesota Twins organisation faced off, and Luke Hughes decided he was hungry for some salami, grand salami, that is.

The slam even got some good old-fashioned Twitter love from the Twins' SB Nation blog Twinkie Town. 

History made and another Minnesota mention

Sunday was a fun day for Women's Baseball. Fiona Lambrick became the first female umpire to officiate a regular-season ABL game, a momentous feat that drew attention from around the globe.

This doesn't look very Zen

Game faces. We're scared, are you?

How did we miss this? 

Peter Moylan talked to MLB Network in October during the playoffs, touching on topics like the World Baseball Classic and the nasty stuff Cleveland Indians reliever Andrew Miller throws (though not nasty enough to beat the Chicago Cubs, says what happened in the almost two weeks after the interview).

In case you forgot...

The All-Star Game is next week. Remember how last year's ended?

Tune in next week for another round of observations from around the diamond, courtesy of your new favourite baseball-loving marsupial. Possum out.

This story was not subject to the approval of the Australian Baseball League or its clubs.