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Bite Advisory Board

Tony Catt

Catt With nearly two decades of experience in the finance industry, Tony has seen many changes in the markets. Tony has a background in accounting, research, stockbroking and financial planning which allows him to provide a broad range of advice to his clients on different stages of their life. Tony has significant experience in lecturing and seminars, providing help to Regional Skills Training (RST) , the Australian Shareholders Association (ASA), regional TAFE and the ASX investor hours for over a decade.

After marrying into a farming family 11 years ago, Tony decided to provide more help to family businesses in South Australia. Succession planning, retirement planning, education of the next generation and protection of wealth are major issues that have been identified. With a formal accreditation as a Family Business Advisor, Tony is ideally skilled to help families in these areas. As a specialist Self Managed Super Fund advisor, this allows Tony to transition clients into retirement with cost effective, tailored retirement solutions.

Adam Thompson
Board Member

Adam Thompson Adam Thompson is the founder of Thompson Organisations, a consultancy practice specialising in helping executives, senior managers and business owners to develop and deliver their strategy through putting in effective organisational structures and leadership principles.

Adam is a former General Manager and member of the Executive Team of the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA). Before founding his own practice, he successfully revitalised and tapped the potential of a dormant business through a clear strategy and implementing the organisational design and leadership principles required to deliver. He also designed, facilitated and drove the process to reposition the strategic intent of the overall organisation which has seen membership continue to grow as new markets are developed.

A number of organisations have employed Adam due to his ability to work through complexity, deliver results and leave a legacy of clear direction and engaged staff. These have included University of South Australia, Linklaters and Alliance (London), Insurance Australia Group, BT Financial Group, RAA, Brunnings Garden Products, The Table & Chair Company, Rachis Technology, In2 Solutions, Baseball SA, Crime Stoppers SA, Mitcham Edible Gardens.

Currently Adam also serves on the Advisory Board of the Adelaide Bite baseball team, part of the national professional league directly affiliated with Major League Baseball. He is a member of the Organisational Design & Development Committee for the Australian Human Resources Institute (SA) as well as being a Business Mentor in the University of South Australia Business Career Program. In addition, he provides pro bono advice and resources to the Mitcham Edible Gardens initiative and is a member of an international group of professionals developing new principles of organisation and leadership around product development.

Adam is also an associate of The Working Journey, a company dedicated to building capability to raise effectiveness in people, organisations and communities. The Working Journey is linked to Bioss Australasia, Global Organisation Design, EDAC and others, specialising in organisational models that have been used by clients worldwide due to their rigour, validity and sustainability.

A prolific writer, Adam has written a range of articles on organisations and leadership, as well as maintaining a regular posting schedule for his numerous subscribers on his blog Zen Organisations. He has contributed to the book 'Organisational Design: What Your University Forgot to Teach You' by author Andrew Olivier, and has facilitated workshops on organisational design, capability and leadership at the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian Human Resources Institute.

Throughout his career, it is his ability to visualise the effect structures, leadership and systems will have on culture, individuals and the delivery of plans that has been the hallmark of his work.

Adam played baseball at the highest level within South Australia for 10 years, pitching for the Glenelg Tigers. He holds the record for the most number of consecutive hits allowed by a pitcher in a Grand Final. Luckily for the Tigers, it was a three-game series.

Chris Day
Board Member

Chris Day Chris Day was appointed Group Chief Executive Officer of The FABAL Group Pty Ltd effective July 2012.

Chris Day has been a director and the chief executive officer of FABAL since 1982. His responsibilities include strategic management and business planning. Until 2004, he was the chief executive officer of Berren Asset Management Limited, the manager of Australia's largest publicly-listed wine investment fund, the International Wine Investment Fund. He also worked for the Hardy Wine Company and Foster's Wine Estates.

Chris has 16 years' experience in the wine industry and a further seven years' experience in the legal, accounting, tax and merchant banking industries. Chris is the chairman of the Business Development Committee and a member of the Audit Committee. He is currently a director of eight public companies.

Daryl Harper
Board Member

Daryl Harper Better known for his 17 years of umpiring all forms of elite level cricket, Daryl Harper will now be a familiar face on a different type of field in Adelaide, umpiring a sport that was his first real love.

An avid golfer, and referee or umpire for basketball, AFL and cricket over the years, Daryl is now stepping up to the plate. He is umpiring club games of a sport he has loved since the 1960s, baseball.

"I went through the same first day nerves, 28 years later than I had for cricket umpiring," Daryl smirks as he casts a glance across the diamond of his local baseball field in Adelaide. "It was quite frightening, because I slotted straight into a division one game ... I was a base umpire, and all of a sudden I was standing next to some guys that had come from overseas ... they were extremely good at what they did, and here was I, a rookie, on his first day out."

The change in player and manager confrontations from cricket to baseball also held some surprises.

"A couple of times I have been confronted by a manager who's strode out onto the diamond and faced me off, six inches away, and questioned my decision, and I'm not used to that," Daryl said with an added chuckle.

Daryl fell in love with the game of baseball in the 1960s when, as a teenager, he started walking over to the Norwood Oval to watch the Wednesday night baseball.

"I was actually introduced to it by some lovely lads that turned up at my primary school. It wasn't until a month into our after school training that we discovered that they were Mormons, they were missionaries, and they were trying to spread the word," he said.

The religious conversion didn't work, but the devotion to baseball held.

"During my umpiring career, if I ever had an appointment in the Caribbean, I'd always request I would go via New York."

Daryl would arrive a few days early and duck up to Boston to watch his beloved Red Sox and other baseball teams play. It was at one such game that Daryl experienced what he described as his greatest sporting achievement. In 2006, he was sitting with friends in the Rogers Centre in Toronto when a foul-ball flew his way.

"I leapt out of my seat, managed to pull in a one-hand catch and fall into the row in front of me."

Amongst the cheers and back patting members of the crowd asked Daryl why he wasn't wearing a baseball glove.

"I said, hey, I'm from Australia, we don't use gloves."

Mike Higgs
Board Member

Mike Higgs Mike has been doing business in Asia for more than 25 years, during which he has visited the region in excess of 150 times. Mike's experience in mainland China includes:

• Sourcing & Procurement Specialist
• Factory evaluation & inspection
• Factory Social Compliance
• 3rd Party Audit Compliance
• Intellectual Property Compliance & Licensing
• Quality Control & Product Safety Compliance
• Production Cost Analysis & Price Negotiation

This experience has enabled Mike to source products for a wide variety of brands, licensees & retailers including adidas, Puma, Reebok, Maxfli, Strata, Billabong, Rip Curl, Quiksilver, Li Ning, Marks & Spencer, Walmart, Target, Kmart, Disney, Warner Bros, Star Wars, AFL, NRL, NBA, NCAA, Major League Baseball, and many more.

Colin Alexander
Board Member

Darren White
Board Member