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Meet Sarge!

Get to know the best mascot in the Australian Baseball League, the Canberra Elite Cavalry's own SARGE!

Place of Birth: Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Number: 00

Height: Tall (even taller when he's in the saddle)

Weight: Let's just say he's fond of food, especially the delicious offerings at the Cavalry canteen. He has also been known to eat a few large pizzas from his favourite spot, Crust Pizza

Relationship Status: Single (but always seems to find a "Sweetheart of the Game")

Favourite Teams: Canberra Cavalry (of course!), Canberra Raiders, University of Canberra Brumbies, and the Canberra TransACT Capitals, just to name a few!

Favourite Song: "I Wanna Be in the Cavalry" by Corb Lund (he gets to hear it a lot - it's played at "The Fort" after every Cavalry victory)

Other Interests and Hobbies: Hive-fives, hugs, practicing his rally dance moves, doing time trials for the fan-favourite "Mascot Race", and spending time with young Cavalry fans!

Favourite Household Chore: Sweeping (especially if it's against an ABL rival!)

Would be played in a movie by: Hulk Hogan

Catchphrase: CHARGE!


Sarge grew up in the Australian Capital Territory but his childhood days were spent roaming the beautiful countryside that surrounds Canberra. Sarge grew up in a family that had a long and honourable tradition of serving in the Australian Army. To show his pride for the men and women that serve in the defence of Australia, Sarge has been wearing his signature Australian slouch hat and brown Army boots almost from birth. They also gave him an advantage on his frequent camping, fishing, and hiking excursions in Australia's untouched expanses of wilderness. While his outward demeanor suggests a rugged, masculine man of the bush, Sarge always had a secret dream that he disclosed to not even his closest friends and family: to become a mascot for a professional baseball team.

He loved everything about the idea of being a baseball team's official mascot: shaking his nether-regions for the enjoyment of fans, bringing smiles to the faces of kids, striking fear into the Cavalry's opponents with his intimidating finger-pointing, and devouring all of the meat pies and hot dogs that he could over the course of a nine inning game!

Assuming that his friends and family would ridicule him for this passion, he kept it a secret. Then, one day, he heard that a professional baseball team, the Canberra Cavalry, would soon come to the Australian Capital Territory and Sarge knew that he was just crazy and enthusiastic enough to enlist as the team's devoted mascot. After suiting up in the Cavalry-orange shirt, Sarge knew he was home. And home he's been at The Fort at MIT Ballpark since 2010.