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Rules and Regulations

Adelaide Shores Baseball Complex at Barratt Reserve
Rules and Regulations

The Adelaide Bite want to create a fun, safe, and enjoyable family friendly atmosphere. 
Please help us make this possible by observing the following Rules and Regulations 


Alcoholic Beverages 
Alcoholic beverages may not be brought in or taken out of Barratt Reserve. Alcoholic Beverages are available for purchase at select concessions stands. Please have valid Photo ID available upon purchase of beverages. The Bite and ACG Security reserve the right to have fans who appear to be intoxicated removed from the stadium.

Food and Drink 
Concessions are available to purchase inside Barratt Reserve. A wide range of food and beverage options are offered. As such, outside commercial food is prohibited. Glass bottles, plastic bottles, and cans are also prohibited.

Fans who do not possess a valid ticket will be refused entrance into the park. ACG Security may conduct a visual inspection of all bags, purses, packages and jackets/coats in order to provide a safe environment for patrons at the game.

Pets are not allowed at the ballpark. Registered seeing-eye and/or assistance dogs are allowed at Barratt Reserve.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited items on game-day include:

Coolers and hard-sided bags

Glass, cans and plastic bottles

Laser pointers

Knives and other weaponry

Beach balls, horns and other distracting items

Devices that may interfere with Game-day proceedings or distract athletes or any other participants, audio/visual telecast devices

Wrapped gifts and presents

The Bite will not provide storage for such items that are brought to the game and alternative storage must be arranged by individuals attending the game.

Electronic Equipment

Electronic equipment, radios and televisions are allowed in the stadium as long as they do not interfere with other fans' enjoyment of the game. Cameras (still and video) are permitted in the stadium provided they are for personal use only and do not result in obstruction of other fans' view. Tripods are prohibited. The taping of game footage and the transmission of any description or reproduction of game activity are prohibited.


Smoking is PROHIBITED everywhere inside Barratt Reserve.

Foul Balls 
Guests are welcome to keep any foul balls hit into the stands. Please do not interfere with a ball in play, especially those guests sitting at field level. Australian Baseball League rules call for the ejection of guests that interfere with a ball in play.

Re-Entry Policy 
Fans are permitted to leave and return to the premises as long as the gates are open and they get a stamp to certify their ticket possession when leaving


Safety is the most important priority for us, and The Bite will do everything in our power to assure the safety of all in attendance at Barratt Reserve.

If you transfer your tickets to someone who is unfamiliar with Barratt Reserve safety regulations, please alert them to the aforementioned guidelines in order to best prepare for game-day procedures.

General Fan Conduct 
Fans must observe basic rules at all games. Violators are subject to ejection and possible arrest. Repeated offenses will result in the loss of season ticket privileges. 

Such rules include but not limited to- 

Interfering with other guests' ability to enjoy the game. 

Using/displaying foul or abusive language or gestures;

 Appearing to be intoxicated or in a diminished capacity; 

Possession of Firearms, knives or other weapons 

Possesion of items that could be deemed distracting to players, fans, or telecast of games

 Failing to produce a ticket upon request or sitting in a seat that does not match your ticket; 

Entering the playing field or interfering with a ball in play;

 Entering the seating area while play is in progress; 

Smoking except in designated areas; 

Throwing objects onto the field or within the ballpark or 

Otherwise being disorderly.

Banners and signs are permitted and may be displayed at the game providing they do not interfere with game-day proceedings or other stadium signage, inhibit supporters' view and are in taste, which lies in the judgement of game-day staff.

Fans will be courteous to surrounding residents and businesses at any time when attending games, including upon arrival and when departing Barratt Reserve.



Only vehicles dropping off or picking up guests with disabilities will be permitted curbside at Barratt Reserve. No other vehicles are permitted curbside. The Bite reserves the right to change or modify these guidelines without notice.

ABL Ticket Holders Rights and Responsibilities

The ticket holder assumes all risk and danger incidental to attendance at the ABL Game and the sport of baseball, including specifically (but not exclusively) the danger of being injured by thrown bats, or fragments thereof, and thrown or batted balls, thrown, dropped, or launched items and projectiles, other hazards or distractions and any incidents or accidents associated with crowds of people, and agrees that none of the ABL Entities shall be liable for injuries or loss of personal property resulting from any course.

The ABL Entities assume no responsibility for damage to or loss of any Holder's vehicle or any contents contained therein. ABL Entities shall mean the Australian Baseball League Pty Ltd, the owners and lesses of the facilities in which the Game is played, and each of their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliated or related companies, agents, players, officers, employees, owners, sponsors, and licensees.

By attending this game as a parent or guardian with accompanying minor(s), Holder is deemed to have granted all of the foregoing rights, releases, and waivers, on behalf of such minor(s). If Holder does not wish to or is not authorized to great such rights, releases, and waivers on behalf of the accompanied minor(s), Holder must immediately accompany the minor(s) out of the facilities. Tickets must be retained throughout the game.

The right is reserved to vary, substitute, or withdraw advertised games, programs, artists, venue and seating arrangements as necessary.

Spectators will consume alcohol in a responsible manner, strictly limited to licenses areas only. Those appearing intoxicated will be denied entry or will be subject to ejection from the venue. Fans must not go onto the field, throw objects onto the field, or interfere with balls in play. Violation will result in immediate ejection and/or prosecution. Ticket is valid only when purchased through an authorized agent.

No refunds or exchanges are permitted except as provided in the Entertainment Industry Code of Fair Practice. Patrons who disrupt a game may be asked to leave the venue without refund of ticket purchase.

By using this ticket, Holder further consents to allowing the ABL to inspect any bags, clothing, or other articles prior to entry into the facilities. Holder is granted revocable personal license by the ABL.

Holder is admitted on condition, and by use of this ticket Holder agrees that Holder shall not transmit or aid in transmitting any information about the game, including but not limited to any account description, picture, video, audio, reproduction or any other information concerning the game, the ABL and/pr affiliated entities are the exclusive owner of all copyrights and other proprietary rights in the game and the Games Information, and the ABL and their affiliates licensees and agents shall have the unrestricted right and license to use Holder's name, likeness, and/or voice in any broadcast, telecast, photograph, video, and or sound recording taken in connection with the game for all purposes and in all media known and unknown throughout the universe in perpetuity.

This ticket may not be used for advertising, promotion, or other trade purposes without the written consent of the ABL.

Official Rain Out Policy 

If a game is cancelled due to weather before the game begins, the information will be posted prominently on the home team's website. In the case of a cancelled game, patrons with pre-purchased tickets may hold their tickets to use as a rain check at another game. Information will be found on the home team's website.

If a game starts but is called early due to weather - and the game has not become regulation (as per OBR 4.10c) - it is a "no game" and tickets become a rain check that can be used at another game. No refunds will be given.

If a game starts but is called early due to weather - and the game has progressed to or beyond the point of play described in 4.10c - rain checks will not be honoured and no refunds will be given (regardless of whether the game is complete or suspended).

Rain Checks may be redeemed at a game or games nominated by the ABL. The information will be posted on the home team's website.

ABL will endeavour to have resumed or rescheduled games played during the current series in progress, but without amending the previously scheduled games (ie, rescheduled game may be slotted in before the next day's scheduled game).

Rain Checks may also be accepted at other games - but this will be solely at the discretion of the ABL & Team management.

Double-headers are a single ticket event, so if one game is regulation (per OBR 4.10c), then no rain checks or refunds will be given if the second game is not played or is called before becoming regulation.

The Adelaide Bite players, coaches, and front-office thank you for your cooperation and hope you enjoy your nights out at Barratt Reserve.

The Adelaide Bite players, coaches, and front-office thank you for your cooperation and hope you enjoy your nights out at Barratt Reserve.