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Conditions of Entry

Conditions of Entry

* Smoking is not permitted inside the ballpark or within 5 meters from ballpark grounds.

* Patrons and bags may be subject to a search before entry to the ballpark or while inside the ballpark.

* Tickets must be shown and available for inspection at any time.

* External catering is not permitted

* Patrons are not permitted to sell good or services at the venue with consent from Baseball WA or the Perth Heat.

* Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and patrons displaying anti-social behaviour will be escorted off the premises and charges may be placed.

* Unauthorised entry to the field of play is prohibited and trespassers may be prosecuted.

* Patrons must comply with reasonable requests from ballpark staff.

* Baseball WA and Perth Heat takes no responsibility for any lost or stolen items.

* Baseball WA and Perth Heat takes no responsibility for personal injury to any patron. Patrons entering the ballpark enter entirely at their own risk.

* Baseball WA and the Perth Heat reserves the right to refuse entry or evict patrons displaying unacceptable contact.

Prohibited Items

* Alcoholic Beverages

* Illicit Drugs

* Branded food or beverages

* Glass Bottles

* Aluminium Cans

* Flares and Fireworks

* Laser pointers

* Anything considered to be a potential weapon by Baseball WA or Perth Heat staff.

* Articles or brands displaying offensive behaviour

* Any item that is deemed to be a danger or nuisance by ballpark staff.