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Basics of Baseball

A highly complex game played between two teams of nine players, baseball has only one simple part: the winning team is the one which scores the most runs in, normally, a 9-innings match. The baseball playing field consists of an infield (incorporating the 'diamond' which covers the 3 field bases and home base) and an outfield. The diamond must be 27.5 metres square, and under the rules the nearest boundary must be a minimum of 76 metres from the apex of the diamond. In the United States, the professional rules insist on a 99-metre minimum for grounds constructed after 1958.

The baseball bat has a diameter of not more than seven centimetres at its thickest point and must not exceed 107 cm in length. The ball, thrown from a distance of 18.m by the pitcher, is made from white horsehide sewn over a sphere of rubber or cork, has a diameter of 22.9 - 23.5 cm, and weighs 142-149 grams.

A side scores a run when one player covers the 3 infield bases and safely reaches home base. 'Home run' is the term used to describe a batter hitting the ball, either out of the ground and inside the foul lines or far enough to cause fieldsmen problems, and covering the 3 bases and reaching home base. A grand-slam-homer, which counts for 4 runs, is scored when the batter, and 3 players already safely on base, all safely reach home base.

The United States is the world's 'home of baseball' but the sport is played in over 100 countries around the world and solidly entrenched in Canada, South America, and the Far East, especially so in Japan, the Philippines and Korea, and of course in Australia.

Basics of Baseball

Equipment Required

Baseball has a very cost effective delivery, as there is very minimal equipment required.

- Bat
- Ball
- Glove
- Helmet
- Protective gear
- Bases (4)
- Tee (t-ball)

Modifications of Baseball

Baseball has a very cost effective delivery, as there is very minimal equipment required.

1. Tee Ball -- As a young player, the hardest skill to master in hitting. Tee ball was developed to assist junior players master this skill by placing the ball on a tee and allowing the player to hit the ball with ease.

Tee ball was established 25 years ago under the Federal Government's Aussie Sports Program and now commands a major place in the sporting curriculum of a majority of Australian schools.

2. Yardball -- Yardball is another modification of baseball that assists in the development of all fundamental skills.

Yardball requires minimal equipment and can be played in a minimal space such as a gym or park. Yardball can also be played with a minimum of 4 players on each team.

3. Little League -- is a modification of baseball that was developed under the auspice of Little League International. Introduced into Australia in 2007, Little League is one of the most recognised junior sports brands in the world, and forms missing link in the pathway of development for Australian Baseball.

Little League also allows community based teams to represent states and countries - and is the only program of its kind in this country.

Who Can Play Baseball?

Baseball and its modified games cater to all ages, genders and skill sets.

Baseball offers development programs catering for players as young as five (5) years old, and can be played by men and women through to the age of 60 years old.

Where is Baseball Played?

Australian Baseball has done a phenomenal job of developing and modifying the game of baseball through the Federal Governed Aussie Sport Program, so much so that it is now incorporated in to many school physical-education programs.

Link between schools and clubs was well and truly established under the Federal Government targeted participation program.

For example, tee ball, which is a modified game of baseball, is now included in a vast majority of primary and high school curriculums.

Baseball Australia aim to enhance this program even further, and convert school participants into active club members. Trying to assist the 695 clubs to take on this work on themselves.

Clubs and Associations
Baseball and its modified games are played in 7 state and territories throughout Australia. There are current 695 registered clubs under the ABF mainframe

Baseball is listed amongst the top five 'most played sports' around the world.

The reasons baseball has achieved such a vast global participation rate are the game's flexibility, multi-skill components, short time frame to play, team sport dependency, caters to men and women, and has a plethora of potential career paths.

Baseball as a Development Tool

Baseball assists players to develop fundamental motor skills such as running, throwing, catching and striking.

As a team sport, baseball is fundamental in teaching children the importance of team morale, which encourages social growth and fair play.

Baseball encourages children to 'get active' and teaches them strong hand-eye coordination skills, as well as agility and accuracy.

Baseball development staff are continuously called on to do teacher-in services, not just for baseball and T-ball, but for 'teaching teachers' fundamental motor skills across all disciplines. This is an area in which the ABF would like to expand their servicing.

Some of our current cross-development partners include cricket and softball.

Careers in Baseball

Baseball is one of the most commercially recognised sports in the world.

The immense popularity of the game has seen the establishment of professional competitions in Central and South America, Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Chinese Taipei, and the Caribbean, which has created a solid gateway for baseball players to pursue a solid career in their chosen sport.

Careers in baseball include:

  • Player
  • Coach
  • Umpire
  • Scorer
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Team Manager
  • Talent Scout
  • Administrator

Aussies Overseas

Australian baseball is renowned for producing some of the finest baseball players in the world. Respected for their dedication and strong work ethic, Australian baseball players are now one of the most popular commodities on the international baseball market.

Australian baseball has successfully integrated over 125 players into the USA professional playing system (MLB) and over 80 players into the US college baseball system. There are also several players currently playing in the Japanese and Korean professional leagues.

To date, we have seen 28 Australian baseball players reach Major League playing status.

As a result of this success, Australia is now leading the international ranks of professional players per capita, worldwide. Follow ABL products internationally here.