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Volunteer Testimonial - Kate Dobie, Perth Heat

How did you get involved with the ABL?
I responded to a posting on the MLB Careers site seeking team and front office volunteers for the Australian Baseball League.

What were your duties as a volunteer?
Better phrasing might be "what weren't [my] duties" - the beauty of work experience with the ABL is that volunteers are afforded such diversity in tasks, a high degree of responsibility, and autonomy to make of the experience whatever they choose. As a team volunteer, my game-day role was to oversee ticketing operations. While that position would have alone provided considerable experience, I was also given experience in sales and marketing, writing and website development, community engagement, sales, promotions, the list goes on. From this, I was really able to assess what opportunities exist and what strengths I might be able to bring to a career in baseball.

What opportunities did your position with the ABL open up for you?
As probably all candidates for ABL volunteer positions, I was keenly interested in seeing international game development first-hand. I never expected to get such a breadth of experience in my tenure with the ABL. I can now see myself gathering invaluable industry know-how and working toward long-term success in a position in sports. I'm also making lasting memories - probably the most notable of these was representing the Australian Baseball League during 2012 Asia Series baseball tournament in Busan, South Korea.

How do you feel your volunteer position with the ABL prepared you to work in sports?
Many candidates may see a position with the ABL as their stepping-stone to advancement in sports. I think that the ABL is a great setting for this sort of goal and, during my time with the ABL, I have encountered supportive mentors and great connections. Furthermore, the ability to work and thrive in a high-pressure, high-reward sales landscape will only serve to prepare me for future positions.

What is your favourite thing about working in an atmosphere like the ABL?
My favourite aspect of the ABL's philosophy and operation is license for creativity. With each year the ABL is in operation, Australians are warming to the sport of baseball. Because the league is new, ABL volunteers are able to apply new and fresh ideas to spread baseball. Australia is sports-mad and it's only a matter of time before the commitment and hard work of the ABL's volunteers and staff see baseball become a top-tier sports offering Down Under.